Jeffrey M. Toth, Ph.D.

Jeffrey TothJeffrey TothProfessor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Director of Biomaterials Research
The Medical College of Wisconsin

Office: 414-288-6136
Fax: 414-288-6063
Email Address:

Dr. Toth's research interests include:
* Tissue Engineering, which is applicable to dentistry as well as orthopaedics
* Bone Grafts and bone graft substitutes – biology, immunology, mechanical characterization
* Fabrication, characterization, and evaluation of ceramic biomaterials for orthopaedic and dental applications, particularly calcium phosphate ceramics as bone graft substitutes
* Characterization and pre-clinical testing of orthopaedic and dental biomaterials - materials, surfaces, and host-response characterization (selection, design, methods, and application of biocompatibility studies)
* Mechanisms and clinical uses for osteoinductive substances and materials.

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