Biomechanics Laboratory

Directed by Dr. Mei Wang, the Biomechanics Laboratory is designed and maintained to support basic science and applied research projects in orthopaedic biomechanics. Research methods often encompass in-vitro experiments and the use of computer modeling and analysis. Student and medical resident integration into projects is provided through the academic program structure. Project selection is normally through the collaboration with an OREC faculty member.

The resources provided through Biomechanics include space for specimen storage, dissection, and preparation, space for laboratory experiments, and the following equipment: PC based MTS 809 Axial-Torsion Material Testing System with 6 additional data collection channels, portable PC based data collection system (eight channels), PC based Image Processing system with video camera and Image Pro software, 4 PC based analysis workstations, Internet & IP connections to Marquette University engineering Vaxstations and Medical College literature retrieval service, a six-degree of freedom load cell, uni-axial load cell, LVDT pressure transducers, arthroscopic equipment, associated power and manual tools, and surgical instruments.